Lama Events

Lama Events GNU Public License v3

Lama Events is a calendar application listing events in the near future. The events are detected and selected by a fully automatic procedure in the Dutch Twitter stream (courtesy of Tweets referring to the same future events are clustered based on the frequent co-occurrence of words (names, phrases) and temporal expressions that characterize the event. The date and time of the event is automatically determined based on direct and indirect time references in the texts of the tweets in a cluster. The demo shows a day-by-day ranked list of automatically detected events in the Dutch language area (Netherlands and Flanders).

Research Projects

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Dec. 12, 2011 -- July 31, 2016 Antal van den Bosch , Florian Kunneman , Ali Hürriyetoğlu , Erkan Başar , Matje van de Camp

The objective of ADNEXT (ADaptive informatioN EXtraction over Time) is to develop trainable, adaptable Dutch language information extraction technology for named entity recognition, event detection, and time identification. The technology has a broad coverage “default” mode and retrains dynamically to new domains upon being confronted with new (clusters of) news or user-generated data (such as Twitter).


The following publications are relevant for this software:

F. Kunneman and A. van den Bosch
Automatically identifying periodic social events from Twitter
Proceedings of Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing 2015, 2015
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