Martin Reynaert

Martin Reynaert PhD

Postdoc Centre for Language Studies & Tilburg Centre for Cognition and Communication, Tilburg University since Jan. 1, 2013

Research Projects

Dream research

Dream research

June 2, 2014 -- Antal van den Bosch , Maarten van Gompel , Florian Kunneman , Ali Hürriyetoğlu , Folgert Karsdorp , Iris Hendrickx , Martin Reynaert , Wessel Stoop , Louis Onrust

Dreams, the involuntary perceptions that occur in our minds during sleep, have been the topic of studies in many fields of research, including psychiatry, psychology, neurobiology, and religious studies. Their narrative content also links dreams to other forms of storytelling, with sharp distinctions (such as the focus on one's personal life and the typical personal perspective) but also interesting overlaps with genres such as orally transmitted folktales. We present a study on dreams aimed at the large-scale analysis of dreams using text analytics.


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